The Lamson Adventures!!!!
Jones Park & Seven Bridge Trail, North Cheyenne, Colorado Springs, CO
To get here, go up to Cheyenne Mountain Road and head about 4 miles up past Hellen Hunt files. There is a great parking lot. Head up the north trail, about .8 miles. Trail 622 is on the right, after Cheyenne Creek. Head up. Shortly after you cross the first bridge there will be a trail spur going to the right, this is the Buckhorn Cutoff Trail that goes up to Capt.Jacks trail. Enjoy the walk through the canyon as you cross all seven bridges. You will reach the last one after only about 1.6 miles. At this point the trail will start climbing a bit and you will pass Undine Falls on the left. It is fantastic! I did not do it justince with the photos. The reason is that you are about 40 feet above it. Once you pass the last bridge, the trail does get a little rough and the gain in altitude is fast. But the view!!!

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