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Bear Creek National Recreation Trail, Colorado
Bear Creek Regional Recreation Park does not have a lot written about it. Its a hidden gem. It appears small at first glance. NOOOO! :-) We saw so many birds at the feeders. We saw about 6 deer and 2 fox. I did not get to see any bear but heard they do show up time to time. If you want small hikes, these are set up in loops, so you can stop after 1,2, or even 8 miles. As you see, we went at the start of a BIG BIG storm. Bring your YakTraxs or a pole. You will need it in the snow.

The Trail starts at the Bear Creek Regional Park sign on the South side of the parking lot. You want to head away from 21st Street so, take a right at the "T" (30 feet from the parking lot). The first 0.5 miles is all up hill and it's a "Bear". At 0.7 miles, you will cross a private drive way; when you reach 1 mile, you will come to a "T" intersection. Turn left and head up the hill. After an additional mile, you will come to a "Y" intersection. To combine this trail with the "Chutes Trail", turn Left. If you want to go down to the Bear Creek Nature Center and make a loop, turn right. The trail is mainly wide single track through an open field.

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