The Lamson Adventures!!!!
Inner Canyon and Lake Gulch Trails, Castlewood Canyon, Franktown Colorado
Castlewood Canyon State Park, 39.33690N 104.7486W, is located right outside Franktown on Route 83. This park is over 2100 acres of hiking. Todays hike were Inner Canyon and Lake Gulch Trail. As you enter and walk North-west, you get the view of the ranch and prairie below. As you continue down into the Canyon, you get the stellar red rocks around you. I wanted to see if this hike was different in the winter. It is. When you get down to the water, the bridge is not there. You need to go along the water side where it is muddy, icey, and deep snow. We loved every second of it. The Canyon surrounding you are beautiful. They are even more dramitc with the snow cover, the ponderosas, and the running water.

I love this park in the summer, but it was way better in the winter. If it just snowed, I would definatlely bring some cramp-ons for the shoes and possible a pole. The pole is not-so-much for the hike but to check how deep the snow is on the banks by the water. We found drifts about 4ft deep. Luckily we took it slow with my knee injury still making this hiker beware. :-)

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