The Lamson Adventures!!!!
Peak View Trail, Mueller State Park, CO
Peak View Trail, Mueller State Park, CO is very short. The view of Pikes Peak is amazin though. Head to Elk Meadow Trail and its on the left of the trailhead. The complete trail is only 2 miles round trip. I like to do Elk Meadow, come back, and then do this one. It is very tight on the trail during the winter. You can see photos where it looks like I was cutting my head off int he photo. I was standing in about 3.5 feet of snow. Wish I had caught. My monopole for the camera would not bend that way.

The cost to get into Mueller is $6 per car, up to 15 people. The non-hiker can just do the small trails around the Ranger Station and buy a T-shirt to let everyone know you were there. LOL! Use your GOOGLE to find the location: Highway 67 South; 3.5 miles South of Divide Divide, CO 80814. If you want to camp, it is between 8-22 per night.

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