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Queen's Canyon, Glen Eyrie Colorado

Welcome to Queens Canyon (38.891667N 104.884444W) at Glen Eyrie. Colorado Springs . As most of you know, I am looking for good winter hikes. This is only a bit over 2 miles but the incline is good and the crossing over and over the water makes it really fun. As you can tell in the photos, it actually started at the Glen Eyrie castle which was beautiful. We headed there to go to Scar Mountain but the wildlife preserve is now closed to the public.

It is rated black (hard) but we are not sure it is all that. The winter cover and icey brook did pose a challenge we loved but would not have put it black diamond. The waterfalls at the top are absolutely breathtaking. I wish I could have captured them properly with my camera. I did not. My buddy Justin could have done it but he was not with us. The tip of the fall broke off while we were there and shot flurries over our dinner table. It was breath-taking.

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