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Rampart Range Road
Rampart Range Road begins in Garden Of The Gods in the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado and snakes a path some 60 miles in a northerly direction ending at Highway 67 between Sedalia and Deckers. There are absolutely no services along Rampart Range Road and very few "exits" along the way. The first chance actually off the road is a turn into Woodland Park and makes a wonderful one day nice slow day to stop, hike, picnic, photograph, or just drive some of the backroads that provide camping areas for overnight stays. There is another "exit" near Monument CO, just behind the United States Air Force Academy. Of course, the 60 mile road can be easily completed in a day, but this is a time to stop and smell the roses and enjoy your time alone with nature. The quality of the road varies but all is traversable by automobile and a four-wheel drive vehicle is not necessary. However, if you own a four-wheeler or a dirt bike, you will find an abundance of challenging trails to enjoy and test your mettle. The first three miles starting from Garden Of The Gods is part of the park area and the next 2 miles are still part of the Colorado Springs city limits and the road is not kept up at all. Go abound as the road is not get graded often. After about 8 miles, begin to rest easy, the road smoothes out and the front end suspension of your car will thank you for the rest. .

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