Brecky Roll-Ups

Recipe By Cavemen or Garth Lamson
Category Appetizers; Atkins; Breakfast; Camping; Party
Main Ingredient Ham, Turkey
Cuisine Style American
Yield 1 Serving
Preparation Time 5min
Cooking Time Zerooooo!
Personal Rating
4 slices Ham
2 tbsp Cream cheese
2 tbsp Jam (Conserve), (Cottees diet conserve, Coles)
1. Take a slice of deli meat. Place it flat and apply a thin layer of cream cheese.
If you want, this is a good brecky, but why stop!!

2. Take a glob of lo-carb jam. This is up to you. I think it depends on the meat:
Ham ---> Apricot, strawberry, pineapple
Turkey --> Cranberry, strawberry, blueberry

Take that lo-carb jam and spread across the meat and the cream cheese.

3. Roll it up, and eat. You can do this with; herbed creamcheese, creamcheese
and chives, garlic and creamcheese and capers, capers, black ollives, bit of
anchovy and oil...blitz. Do not limit yourself. I know folks have trouble with
breakfast over all other meals. Try and think of every brecky as a brunch. It helps
us make it specail.

Others: creamcheese & salsa; eggs & salsa, yogurt and garlic, lemon and cuces (check my tzatiki recipe), sauted mushrooms, baby spinach and feta (bake a bit), ricotta and jam....never ends!!!

Created for Lamson Adventures Copyright 2002, Lamson Adventures Lo-carb Recipes.

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